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The Law Office of Jennifer M. Ash, LLC is a family-focused firm located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Ms. Ash proudly offers her clients legal services in the areas of family-based immigration.

Whether seeking to bring a loved one or spouse to the United States, adjusting status, or applying for naturalization, Ms. Ash is cognizant that her clients are engaged in a process that once started can be long, frightening, and life-changing.

The area of immigration law is both bureacratic and litigious. Ms. Ash is familiar and comfortable both in engaging federal agencies and arguing before the Court. Her straight-forward manner of counsel ensures that her clients hold realistic expectations of outcomes and are actively engaged in the decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their families.

Ms. Ash recognizes the benefits and privileges associated with residence and citizenship in the United States. Likewise, she recognizes that these very benefits and privileges are due to the efforts and sacrifices of immigrants throughout the history of this country. As such, she endeavors to assist those who wish to avail themselves of these resources and offer their own contributions in the tradition upon which this country is founded.

Summary of Immigration Law Services
  • Visas
  • Adjustments of Status
  • Legal Permanent Residence
  • Naturalization